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Load Cell & Weighing AssembliesT95 Loadcell & Assembly
T95 Loadcell & Assembly
T95 Loadcell & Assembly

Folded shear beam load cell.

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Key Highlights & Features
Product Description
  • Stainless steel load sensor
  • Fully welded construction sealed to IP68
  • Ideal in vibrating applications
  • Ease of installation
  • Integral lift off prevention

The T95 LA range consists of both stainless steel and alloy steel load cells complete with toughened auto-phoretic finish loading assembly. Although the assembly is used in compression, the cell is mounted in a pendulum and operates in tension. This ensures that the load point is always maintained through the central axis of the cell, even when the assembly is subjected to considerable movement or misalignment.

Rinstrum is now stocking T95 assemblies which are ideal for weighing large vessels and mixers. Due to the design of the T95 it offers an excellent means of mounting where traditional assemblies with large constrainers were typically required. The T95 offers a self-centring arrangement where the load is applied through a tension S type load cell but in a compression assembly. The assembly then finds its own centre point due to gravity but still offers lateral movement found in many mixer applications. In addition the M12 connections simplify the cabling and installation and can work back to a simple 4 way summing unit using M12 connections.

What indicator should I use with the T95 Load Assembly?

  •   The R320 (ABS housing) and R323 (stainless steel) provide basic weighing functionality at the tank. The two high current isolated outputs can provide local control which could be used for level control for example. The communications port can be used to work back to a PC or in a larger installation multiple indicators can be configured in a ring network, saving on cabling.
  •   The 1203 weight transmitter can connect back to a PLC or PC using various methods - 4-20mA Analogue/RS232/RS485, all of which come standard.
  •   The R400 indicators provide the most flexibility and control as they can be configured with multiple IO and communication options - including Ethernet. An R400 indicator is suitable as a standalone controller or as a networked unit.
Smart Weighing
Folded shear beam load cell.

The T95 LA load cell is most suitable for high accuracy applications and where movement or vibration are present. eg. mixers, catalyst vessels, weighing platforms, axle weighers and weighbridges.



..now that's smart weighing.

Product Downloads
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  Autophoretic Coating Autophoretic Coating - 16 Feb 15 - 425KB (PDF) file - Thames Side Autophoretic Coating 0608 
 Data Sheet Data Sheet - 31 Oct 11 - 195KB (PDF) file - T95 Data Sheet 
 Technical Manual Technical Manual - 10 Feb 14 - 1433KB (PDF) file - T95 Technical Manual Issue 01.2014