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Serial Converters and Load Cell Input Converters

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Key Highlights & Features
Product Description
  • Convert RS232 to RS485
  • Convert RS232 to 20mA Digital Current Loop
  • Convert load cell input into 0-10V/4-20mA input
  • Enhance isolation

Convert a communications port

RS232 to RS485 (Stock Code: 0080)
Converts RS232 to RS485 full duplex four wire for long distance data communications.  Useful on an R320, R323 or 2100 for long distance communications or to interface to an existing RS485 installation.

RS232 to 20mA Digital Current Loop (Stock Code: 0081)
Converts RS232 transmit only to 20mA current loop.  Useful on an R320 that needs to connect a remote over a long distance in a noisy environment.

Convert the load cell input to a current or voltage input

Converter 0-10V/4-20mA Input
A range of converters for each of the series indicators connects to Load Cell Input on the indicator for a voltage or current input.
R400 Series - M4902
R300 Series - M3902
5000 and 2100 Series - 0086
Useful where an indicator needs to take an input from load pins on a crane scale for example.  Suitable for pressure, displacement or strain transducers that output 4-20mA or 0-10V analog signals.

Protect a load cell input or communications port

ESD Protection Serial Ports & L/C Input (Stock Code: 0084)
Protects load cell and serial port inputs against electrostatic discharge damage.  Useful on sites where static damage is likely. Forklift platforms or hoppers that are used for plastics.
Opto Isolation for Serial Ports (Stock Code: 0085)
Provides a fully isolated RS232 port interface. Useful for eliminating ground loops or protecting ports in particularly harsh electrical environments.  Provides both RS232 and RS485 fully isolated and bidirectional.  Isolated serial Port splitter when used with an auto output.  Useful where grounding isolation is broken by remote systems. Can also provide some protection against indirect lightening strikes. No external power supply is required using 5000 series or 2100 indicators.

Smart Weighing


Product Downloads
The following files are available for download for the Converters. Ensure you select the correct documentation for your unit's software version. Check back regularly for software and other updates.

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