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XA R420
XA R420

General Purpose Scale R420

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Key Highlights & Features
Product Description
  • Trade approved NMI 6/4C/256
  • Mild steel coated frame
  • Stainless steel pan/post/stand
  • R310, R320 or R420 indicator fitted
  • IP65 rated indicators
  • IP67 rated aluminium load cell
  • 10,000d rated indicator

The XA base uses an IP67 rated Aluminium load cell and a mild steel coated frame.  The R420 indicator can be supplied with application software depending on the installation and is suitable for IP65 rated environments.  The K4xx designation specifies the software application.

The R420-K401 or K402 is idea for counting or set point applications, for example inventory, shipping and receiving and parts counting. 

Powerful product configuration Set point targets, piece weights and units conversions can be stored for each product.
Custom unit switching Programme for standard weight units (kg, lb, t etc) or customise for your application (litres or force for example)
Operator friendly The large two line display (29mm and 18mm) uses logical prompts along with dedicated and programmable function keys
200 Product storage* with thumb-wheel support Up to 200 products can be stored and recalled easily by the operator using the product names you specify.  Either select from the most recently used 10 products or use an alphanumeric product search via the keypad.   The R420 also supports product selection via a thumb-wheel.
Counting Piece counting using either entered piece weight or a sample.

* (K401 supports 1 product)

R420-K411 is idea for simple single material filling through to complex multistage batching applications.

Powerful batching configuration 10 Batching stages
Fill, Dump and Pulse stages
6 Materials
3 Speed Fill
Fill correction using jogging or in-flight
Dump to time or weight
Multi-line display with bathcing prompts The multi-line display shows batch progress, current weight, target weights, material name along with dedicated batch status annunciators.
Batching operation flexibility Batch size can be varied by either weight or proportion and the operator can set number of batches to run.
Up to 32 input/ outputs The robust I/O is designed for direct connection into PLC’s, or direct drive up to 400mA each with up to 32 I/O control points.

Standard X Scale Series features:

Built-in RS232 Connection to printer, PC or display
Configurable printing Link to a printer for customised reports, printouts and dockets.
Built in clock calendar For date and time stamping
Three power options AC, DC and rechargeable NiMH battery options
Dedicated function keys Zero, Tare, Gross/Net

  Pan Size -A Dual Range Capacity
Capacity (kg) 310 x 310mm Range 1 Range 2
15 6 x 0.002 kg 15 x 0.005 kg
30 15 x 0.005 kg 30 x 0.01 kg
60 30 x 0.01 kg 60 x 0.02 kg
Smart Weighing
General Purpose Scale R420

built to last

  • 6mm robust frame
  • Over load protection stops
  • 1.2mm thick pan 
  • Overload recording increments every time the scale is overloaded

 easy maintenance & operation

  • Clear open frame – Easy to keep clean.
  • Removable low sided pan - Deflect splatter
  • Sturdy pan construction – No warping
  • Ergonomic shaped pan – To assist operators
  • 2 Axis rotating head – For best operator viewing angle
Product Downloads
The following files are available for download for the XA R420. Ensure you select the correct documentation for your unit's software version. Check back regularly for software and other updates.

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 XA R420 Data Sheet XA R420 Data Sheet - 26 Aug 08 - 174KB (PDF) file